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Wanting to be MORE in life doesn't kill. Wanting to be SOMETHING never kills.
The real killer is SURVIVAL –being AVERAGE, wanting NOTHING.
iLive4change is about SIGNIFICANCE –living beyond survival, being MORE,
doing MORE, having MORE, and creating a life that MATTERS!

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The PURSUIT Of Greatness

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humans thriveIn all works of life; business, politics, sports, religion, family, academics, military, etc. The question of GREATNESS is never found wanting.

Be it a great life, a great company, a great school, a great hospital, a great sports team, a great church, a great country, a great military unit, a great charity organization, a great musician; each has its own definition of results, defined by its core purpose. Yet the question of what it takes to be GREAT amidst unlimited challenges faces them all.

In the end, ONE truth prevails; GREATNESS is not a business, personal, or philosophical quest; it’s a HUMAN quest!

We all want to be great at whatever it is we do.

But how is GREATNESS achieved; by CHANCE (Luck) or by CHOICE (Work)?

The critical question is NOT whether you will have luck (CHANCE), but what you DO with the luck that you get (CHOICE).



Unraveling The Irony Called LIFE

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Let’s face it; life is one heck of a thing! Pardon my tone, but seriously, who cares about life anyway? Isn’t it damn too demanding? If you asked me, I would say living is much harder than dying.

I mean, it takes only a few seconds to die, but it takes a whole lot more to live. In fact, it takes an entire lifetime to make a life. Why? Because the skills needed to live takes a lifetime to learn. Unlike the school system where as a student you get the lessons first before you are given the test, life operates the other way round.

In life, you get the test first and learn the lessons after wards. This is where the problem arises, because as long as you are alive, there’s just too much you have to put up with. Little wonder, many when they can’t stand the heat any longer, take the easier path–suicide.

For them, that seemed to be the only way out, rather than confronting the challenges of life they choose to opt out. The truth of the matter is that, whether we choose to believe it or not, life is not fair! The earlier you accept this, the better for us all.


Life is not only for pleasure (fun and enjoyment); it is also for nurture (growth and development). And when nurture rather than pleasure is the objective, the rules of the game have to change. Our focus must shift from existence (a life of ease) to significance (a life of increase).

Figuring Out Life

I was precisely ten years old when I started pondering about the meaning of life. The very thought of it, made me wonder what on earth were we all doing here? What good is living anyway, if someday you would eventually die? Why is living so synonymous with dying? How does one reconcile this paradox of life? I mean, how can I possibly really live a life that I will eventually have to give up–die?

To me, the whole idea of life was just too complex for anyone to really understand. It seemed like one big web in which all of us are trapped and are endlessly struggling to get out from. The painful part is that sometimes we end up being strangled by the very web that has been holding us down. Life seems like an endless journey too wide for anyone to cover within the allotted time. It seems in the end, that we always run out of time. Since there is so much to be done, we are caught up in the struggle of life; consistently trying to do all that we can within the given space of time.

Then what is the joy of being here, if we are not allowed enough time to do all that we want? In my own opinion, I could see a beginning and an end; the time of our birth; when we were born and the time of our death; when we die. What I didn’t quite understand were the moments in between; the moments between our birth and our death–the moments of life. So I made a commitment of understanding the real meaning of life my lifetime goal. Deep down within me, I knew there was something deeper. There had to be some explanation, a reason for life; one other than just living and dying–a reason other than mere existence.

The challenge was this; what more is there to life other than just living and dying–existence? As I grew, I discovered I wasn’t the only one with this challenge. Many others like me were equally battling with this paradox of lifeexistence; merely living and dying. It was now evident, life truly is complex. It is complex in the sense that it requires a lot of things from us. Once you have life, sooner or later you will discover the painful truth about life. Which is this; that having life means existencebeing alive and to be alive requires survivalstaying alive.

This need for survival has been genetically encoded into our very being. It’s a natural inclination to want to survive–stay alive. And staying alive (survival), as we’ve come to know is hard work! The problem as I discovered with many over the years while studying and pondering over this subject, is not whether they want to survive, but rather, whether they desire more from life than mere survival.

Getting Past survival

In today’s fast paced world so much has been misappropriated in the quest for survival. Everyone is on the fast track; the very essence of life is gradually dwindling off the minds of many. In the rush to meet up with the daily demands of our personal, social and corporate lives, so much has been exchanged for life in its true sense. Life and its real meaning is unclear to many, material possessions, personal accomplishments, the setting and achievements of goals all tend to becloud the reason why we are here in the first place. This is the essence of this material, to examine our day to day activities, our motives and ask ourselves this; are we just here to make a living or we are here to make a life?

Take a minute out of your busy schedule for the day and ponder on these questions; on what platform am I really building my life? Is it on the things that external factors, like the media, our peers, our parents or even the society as a whole have conditioned us to believe really matters or those we know deep within us are what matters? If you drop dead today, of what good would be the breath you had in you all these years? Of what value would be your life? If your life was weighed on some scale, of what value would your existence be? What would be the worth of your life? Would it be equal to the things you want, have or desire? Would it be equal to those things that would outlive you? Success, fame, power, money, material possessions, are these all there is to life? To be able to answer these questions, you must be willing to sit down and weigh your life. Before you can accurately weigh your life, it’s necessary we all understand what life truly means.


Find out in the next part of this series …I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on this exciting journey into the very foundation of human experience!

Why Being Good is NO Longer Good Enough!

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right place, right time

You are probably asking yourself this question now, “Is ‘being good’, ‘having good’ or ‘doing good’ now a wrong or bad idea?” Well, you are half right! While being good, having good things or doing good things is not necessarily a bad idea, it’s the lazy idea. The fact that something is not bad does not mean it’s the best. We are not only to seek the good and stick with it once we have it, NO! That’s the lazy man’s philosophy. All those who seek only the ‘good’ are lazy. Why? Because after ‘good’ comes ‘better’ and after ‘better’ comes ‘best’ and after ‘best’ comes ‘great’. ‘Good’ is just the first level out of four levels of success in life. Settling for the ‘good’ and being satisfied with being good, having good and doing good is not the end of success, it’s only the beginning!

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PRAYER: The Kind God Never Hesitates To Answer!

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Stairway to a closed door

Prayer is not an alternative to work nor is it an antidote for work. Prayer is the source of energy needed for work. After prayer comes work. Prayer gets us prepared for work. It doesn’t replace work; rather it inspires work and gives direction to our work. We don’t pray not to work; we pray to receive strength for work. Prayer is the guarantee that our work will yield the desired results.

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