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ArtspeaklogovectorOn Saturday the 25th of July year 2009 marked my 25 years of existence on earth. Since I couldn’t host y’all (my friends online, the 1414 members of Quality Life both on Facebook and the main website) to a traditional party offline, I decided to do what I have never done before – SHARE THE MOST VITAL LESSONS OF MY 25 YEARS ON EARTH – with you all as my birthday gift to y’all.

My aim is not to impress you with words that you fail to recognize the very knowledge and insight inherent in them, but to share the essence of my life for the past 25 years of my existence. If after going through all these Nuggets or lessons and you can’t pick out one or two paradigm shifting thoughts, or you didn’t experience an “aha moment”, then my life so far on earth can be deemed worthless!

1.  Never confuse Life for God or God as life; God is fair, life isn’t! For its only God who can do God’s work!

2. Life is not your right (an entitlement that you claim), Life is a license (a permission to exist because of a purpose).

3. Your being on earth is not legal or natural, it is supernatural and spiritual; For we are not natural beings on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a natural journey.

4. In life, it’s not those who make it FIRST to the end that always wins the race, but those who make it BEST to the end. “How far” can never compensate for “how well”; “efficiency” will never make up for “effectiveness” and “quantity” will never supersede “quality”, the choice is yours.

5. Choice (the ability to choose one’s own response in spite of any condition) is the most powerful weapon on earth!

6.  We do not choose our beginning (BIRTH);
we do not choose our end (DEATH);
but in the moment between (LIFE),
we can choose ‘who’ and ‘what’ we become! (REBIRTH)

7. Until you become different (unique), you will never be spotted. Until you are making a difference (being useful), you can never get to the top!

8. Success is the achievement of a goal (VISION); significance is the fulfillment of destiny (PURPOSE). Your task therefore, is to pursue success (a goal) and submit to purpose (your destiny).

9. Spend your life learning the “how to do” and the “what to do”; the “when to do” and “where to do” will naturally come to you. For opportunities only flow in the path of those who are equipped and ready to exploit it.

10. There is nothing “evil” about money, since it’s only a TOOL (device for doing work; a means to an end). The real evil, are those who would do anything to be in possession of the tool and those who wrongly use the tool for evil ends.

11. Change is personal as well as optional. If there is no link between what a person is “asked” to do and what the person “wants” to do; there can never be a “will” or “desire” to do.

12. You cannot force (mandate) a person to change; you can only guide (facilitate) the process of change. The choice to change rests ultimately in the hands of the one being changed. Only he/she can make the choice to either accept the change you are proposing or not. Your task is to create an environment where change can thrive.

13. What we can do is limited by what we know. In order to DO MORE, we have to KNOW MORE. Hence, knowledge is the power to DO!

14. The true character of a man is revealed not in the absence of what he fears, but in the face of his greatest fears. To truly know a person’s character, expose them to their vulnerability.

Men measures time (period); God measures steps (process). Men ask how far? God asks how well? Men are about what they want; God is after who you become!

16. Not every idea, goal, vision, objective or opportunity has the potential of success. Its chance of succeeding is what makes an idea, goal, vision, objective or opportunity worth pursuing. Thus, it’s better to recognize a winning idea, goal, vision, objective or an opportunity that has the potential of succeeding and go after it, than to pick just about any idea, goal, vision, objective or opportunity and try to turn it into a winning one. No matter the accuracy or timeliness of your plan or strategy, nothing can turn a losing idea into a winning one.

17. Marriage is not a love affair (romance) – dating is. Marriage is a lifetime affair (commitment) – staying together for better or worse.

18. Your best friend is not someone who spends the best times with you (pleasure), but one who brings out the best in you (nurture).

19. To really know a person, don’t listen to what they say, observe what they do. A person is the sum total of their actions and not the sum total of their words.

20. Maturity is not in the numbers – age (the years in a person’s life), maturity is about character – personality (the qualities in a person’s life).

21. Experimenting is what teens do; it’s their way of learning and making sense of the world. We can’t stop the act – “experimentation” – but we can influence the act. As parents, adults, teachers, mentors or role models, we can determine the “object of experimentation.” That is, guide and direct them on what to experiment with and what not to experiment with.

22. Reality (information gathered through our five senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting) is limited and therefore cannot be totally useful in its raw/crude form. Perception (information gathered through our mental capabilities of thinking, creative imagination, logical reasoning and critical analysis) is unlimited and thus can be used to process reality from its raw/crude form into a more useable form – such as; ideas, concepts, inventions, products, services, solutions etc.

23. We are all unique, each different according to their individual talents, personality and destiny. Be no one else BUT you!

24. No greater gift can a human give to their fellow humans than the gift of a paradigm shift (a radical change of perspective or mindset). Thus, education is mankind’s greatest invention for in it lies the power to change a life by renewing the mind.

25. In the end, a man’s legacy (what you’ll be remembered for when you die) is the best answer to whether he fulfilled destiny (what you were created for) or not.