Animals SURVIVE!

Humans THRIVE!

Welcome to iLive4change!

The Personal Development Blog For THRIVING

Ever wondered what MORE life had to offer besides the natural instinct of survival? Ever wondered what MORE life had in store besides fulfilling basic needs such as food, clothes and shelter?

Well, I have!

From the tender age of 10, I have been fascinated by this wonderful gift of LIFE. I have been pondering on what MORE was life all about besides survival? My quest has been a rather long one taking me 18 years to unravel and still unraveling.

The good news is this;

Life has so much MORE to offer than you could ever use up!

To help you get MORE from life, I created this site. iLive4change is about SIGNIFICANCE –living beyond survival, being MORE, doing MORE, having MORE, and creating a life that MATTERS!