Tito Philips, Jnr.

Tito Philips, Jnr.


1) I make people’s businesses better, more profitable and purposeful. It’s called business consulting.


2) I create unusual websites + online marketing campaigns that helps to take your brand global and bring you clients from where you least expected -worldwide! It’s called e-marketing.


3) I help give your business an irrestible corporate image. It’s called printing/branding.


4) I help make lives meaningful, extra-ordinary and fulfilling. It’s called Life Coaching.


5) I help entrepreneurs create compelling stories about their brand, company, product or service that naturally convert their prospects into paying customers. Its called content development.


6) I verbally communicate paradigm shifting ideas that empowers ordinary people, businesses & lives to be SIGNIFICANT {extraordinarily unique and extraordinarily making a difference}. It’s called training/public speaking.




I’m a People,Business & Life developer!


I write, speak, coach, train & consult on how people, businesses & lives can be SIGNIFICANT -different [unique] & making a difference! [useful].


I am a Nigerian who is  MAD–Making A Difference. My whole life is dedicated to the study and development of  People, Business and Life. I am an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, business consultant and life coach who specializes in helping People, Business and Life become SIGNIFICANT:-unique (different) and useful (making a difference!)


My  passion for people, business and life led me to create, an organization dedicated to the development of people, businesses and lives.  I am also the founder of ‘‘ – a business development resource for Entrepreneurs and ‘‘ – platform for national CHANGE where Nigerians UNITE voices to collectively address issues affecting Nigeria and Nigerians in order to effect POSITIVE CHANGES.


I am a graduate of the University of Lagos where I studied Business Administration. I have written several articles some of which were published in The Sun and The Guardian Newspapers. My writing prowess has earned me the much coveted “Platinum Expert Author” status on


I have authored an unusual manifesto [ebook] for entrepreneurs titled; “The Entrepreneur’s Journey” and currently working on a book; “ENTREPRENEURSHIP: How To Awaken The Spirit Of Business Within, change the world and profit from purpose by building companies that matter” watch out!


I am the co-founding partner of [an IT consulting] firm as a consultant in charge of the firm’s marketing, business development and strategic planning.


I am a Christian, not single and presently reside in Lagos, Nigeria.


Still not convinced?

Read about my unusual journey into the world of entrepreneurship here – Origin of MADphilips