The PURSUIT Of Greatness

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In all works of life; business, politics, sports, religion, family, academics, military, etc. The question of GREATNESS is never found wanting. Be it a great life, a great company, a great school, a great hospital, a great sports team, a great church, a great country, a great military unit, a great charity organization, a great musician; each has its own definition of results, defined by its core purpose. Yet the question of what it takes to … [Read more...]

Unraveling The Irony Called LIFE

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labyrinth as a word "life"

Let’s face it; life is one heck of a thing! Pardon my tone, but seriously, who cares about life anyway? Isn’t it damn too demanding? If you asked me, I would say living is much harder than dying. I mean, it takes only a few seconds to die, but it takes a whole lot more to live. In fact, it takes an entire lifetime to make a life. Why? Because the skills needed to live takes a lifetime to learn. Unlike the school system where as a student you … [Read more...]

Why Being Good is NO Longer Good Enough!

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right place, right time

Would you consider yourself a lazy person? Laziness means resisting change, no more, no less. All human attempts directed at keeping things exactly the way they are is simply known as LAZINESS. Let me break it down further; laziness is any action you take to ensure that “good things” remain as they are and that “bad things” change to good while you remain as you are. The underlying truth is to see laziness as all thoughts, actions or … [Read more...]

PRAYER: The Kind God Never Hesitates To Answer!

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Stairway to a closed door

‘Pray as if it all depends on God and work as if it all depends on you!’ – CS Lewis Prayer is a universal principle that is highly misunderstood. As much as it is talked about, it is often wrongly applied by many. So, in this edition of Quality Life Nuggets, permit me to share some insights about prayer. But before I proceed, I think a little clarification will suffice. For the record, I’m not a pastor. I only received the inspiration … [Read more...]