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sun in hands

"When you've given your ALL and there's nothing more to give other than your life; right there and then is the definition of PEACE!!!" How do you know that you have given everything? How do you know that there is nothing more to give? When your good works and your intentions no longer worth anything to those you do them for. When they interpret your doing good as evil and in your deepest of hearts you sincerely have a clear conscience about … [Read more...]

LOVE – the greatest risk of all

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you can see my heart

On the 2nd of June, 2010 I broke up a 2 years and 4 months old relationship with my fiancé. Over what? That I should have called even though I had sent her a text message after she informed me that she wouldn’t be coming over for the weekend. What you all might want to call another trivia matter turned into a classical case of love gone sour! Was I hurt? Hell yes! It does hurt very very much. Do I regret it? Not really, rather I have chosen to … [Read more...]

The power of ONE!

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pushing the world around

There’s no job, we know. There’s no money, we know. There’s economic recession, we know. There’s no government, we know. There’s nobody to help, we know. But there’s YOU! Do you know this? Every morning you wake up and look into the mirror, who do you see? The employers of labour? Money? The Government? Your parents? Your pastors? You only see YOURSELF! What are you doing WITH yourself, FOR yourself, IN yourself, ON yourself, TO … [Read more...]

WHY AM I HERE? – How to know your purpose!

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Never before has the question of purpose - "why are we here?" - become so pertinent to the human race as a time like this. It is in the lowly and toughest of times that many look within (internally) for strength and direction when all else without (externally), seem to be falling apart and ask these questions; "Where Is my place in all of these uncertainty?" "What role am I created to play in this global scene?" "What contribution am I expected … [Read more...]