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“When you’ve given your ALL and there’s nothing more to give other than your life; right there and then is the definition of PEACE!!!”

How do you know that you have given everything? How do you know that there is nothing more to give?

When your good works and your intentions no longer worth anything to those you do them for. When they interpret your doing good as evil and in your deepest of hearts you sincerely have a clear conscience about their accusations, when they complain about the same thing they praised you for, when rather than being cooperative they become competitive, when the good you do is consistently being falsely questioned, when they focus more on your weakness other than your strength, when they begin to expect you to do what you don’t have the required talents and gifts to do, when they want you to convert your ability to do good in one area to another area beyond your strength, when they begin to say “Are you the only one?”, …right there and then, nothing else will matter to them than to see you dead!

Peace Comes From Within

When this happens, DON’T KILL YOURSELF BECAUSE OF THEM! REJOICE for you’ve found PEACE! You find PEACE when your good is no longer considered enough and regarded as inadequate. When there’s nothing more to give other than your life because those you consistently serve have chosen to ignore the good you do; right there and then be at PEACE for the fault is not yours. Why? Because no one person can do all the good there is in the world. There will always be so many more good left undone.

Your task is to find the good you’ve been created to do and let others worry about doing theirs also. You MUST not kill yourself trying to do the good you were never created to do. When the world begins to ask you to, there and then, is your moment of PEACE for it shows you did well and now they want you somewhere else wish you can never be!

You will be wrong to complain or feel rejected, don’t bother defending the good that you do, they know BUT have only become envious and desperately want to see you fall. Instead enjoy the PEACE that comes from within …the peace of knowing that all you ever did somehow Made A Difference truly for true PEACE can only come from within!!!