LIVE PREPARED: Why It’s Important To Live Each Day Like It’s The Last!

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“If death where to come knocking on your door, what ONE reason would you bring up that can convince death of giving you a second chance at life?”

Today, I asked the question above on my facebook status and got some pretty nice comments from my friends. The question prompted people to really think about what was most important to them in life; like fulfilling purpose, making a difference, asking God for forgiveness, showing someone important in their life how much they meant etc. Quite interesting isn’t it?

But here is the irony of it; if we can implicitly sum up all the things in our lives and come up with an answer that might cheat death, why on earth are we not doing that one thing every other day of our lives? Why wait till death came knocking before you start doing the one thing you cared so much about all your life? Why wait till you have a near death experience before you begin to live your life like it was meant to be lived?

Imagine if Michael Jackson waited till he had a near death experience before he made his bestselling album “Thriller”. Imagine if Steve Jobs of Apple had to wait till he had an august visitor called Mr. Death before he launched the “ipod” or “iPhone”. Imagine if Thomas Edison didn’t spend most of his lifetime working on inventions like the light bulb all in the name of waiting till he had a near death experience. Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg waited till he nearly passed away before creating facebook, would you be reading this message right now? I could go on and on coming up with names of people whose lives have left an indelible mark in history. People whose names may never be wiped off the surface of the earth. Just imagine if they had all chosen to wait till they nearly passed away before they began living their lives each day like it was the very last.

We have somehow found a way to put off all the important things in our lives till only God knows when all in our quest for survival. We have forgotten to live and have only been existing doing things which makes us feel empty deep down inside. Seriously, I don’t quite get it. Why would I put off living for the ONE thing I truly cared about till I nearly lost the very thing (life) which was given to me to make that one thing happen? Why wait till you are about to lose the chance of making your life count before you realize how empty your life has been all these years?

We all seem to be forgetting one thing; in life nothing is ever guaranteed. If you are staking your neck on the fact that there is still more time for you to start making your life count, what if you dropped dead right after reading this sentence? The thing we must always have at the back of our mind is the fact that life in its very nature is highly unpredictable. Nothing is for sure. So postponing your very best life till further notice doesn’t seem much of a great plan. I mean, what’s stopping you from living your great life now? What’s stopping you from going all out to do those things you truly care about right now? Why push it till later when you are not even guaranteed of seeing that later?

Here’s the deal, take it or leave it. You are never going to get a second chance from Mr. death on the day he comes knocking if all your life you’ve never gotten down to doing the things that truly matter to you. Why would Mr. death keep you on earth any longer, when despite all the years you have spent on earth you never thought for once how you could use your life to make the world a better place for all to stay. If you didn’t do it when you had all the time in the world, what’s the assurance you would make any difference now knowing fully well you are running on extra time?

We have all been given a life to be used for something worthwhile; now is always the best time to act on those things we truly care about. We never can tell what will happen next. So always live prepared!

Go Make a difference today and always!