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You would wonder what kind of a man lived such a life that since his death the whole world seemed to have paused. I certainly did wonder, just as many out there definitely would have too. His was a life beyond the natural sphere of life. His was a life in all sense of it larger than what we all could possibly fathom. Like many of us, I couldn’t totally comprehend the life of Michael Jackson. A word which would be most suitable for describing his life would be – MAGIC!

I decided to go past the tabloid (press) to really find out the true personality of this man and how glad am I for this. Many things have been said of Michael Jackson, most of which often steer up unpleasant thoughts and feelings within us. In the words of congresswoman – Shirley Jackson Lee – on MJ’s memorial service “We all know what the American Constitution says; innocent until proven guilty.” No matter what you’ve read, regardless of what you’ve been told, doesn’t matter what you saw on TV, Michael Jackson is an epitome of LOVE!

Here was a man who knew his purpose so well that he couldn’t wait to be an adult before living it. Here was a man who gave so much of himself to the world such that he deprived himself of the most precious memory of our stay here on earth – CHILDHOOD! Here was a man whose only consistent message to the world was LOVE. Here was a man who saw himself as “an instrument of nature” being used to bring joy, love and harmony to the world through the healing gift of music.

There is but one way to tell how well a man or a woman lived and that is; what is generally remembered of him/her once they are gone. I had to watch MJ’s 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey to have a glimpse of his personality since this was the only major interview he ever did throughout his lifetime. Here I heard MJ speak for himself unlike what I used to read about him in the tabloids (press). One thing I learnt which I’ve made up my mind to perpetually do henceforth, is to never judge anyone unless I’ve heard their own side of the story. Michael Jackson’s story is one of those rare stories where men in an attempt to fathom what is beyond them conjure and cook up all sorts of theories and explanations just to find a form of internal peace. Never criticize what you don’t understand!

For the first time, the world heard a different story after the demise of this rare man – Michael Jackson. If you’ve not had a chance to see his memorial service, I please urge you to, there is a lot to learn and appreciate about Life from that service. Never have I seen a life much celebrated as close to that of Jesus Christ. In the end, I came to understand truly, that it’s a man’s legacy that best describes his destiny.

RIP MJ – I admire you more now than EVER!