Make Your Life COUNT!

Wanting to be MORE in life doesn't kill. Wanting to be SOMETHING never kills.
The real killer is SURVIVAL –being AVERAGE, wanting NOTHING.
iLive4change is about SIGNIFICANCE –living beyond survival, being MORE,
doing MORE, having MORE, and creating a life that MATTERS!

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LIVE PREPARED: Why It’s Important To Live Each Day Like It’s The Last!

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We have somehow found a way to put off all the important things in our lives till only God knows when all in our quest for survival. We have forgotten to live and have only been existing doing things which makes us feel empty deep down inside. Seriously, I don’t quite get it. Why would I put off living for the ONE thing I truly cared about till I nearly lost the very thing (life) which was given to me to make that one thing happen?

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When there’s nothing more to give other than your life because those you consistently serve have chosen to ignore the good you do; right there and then be at PEACE for the fault is not yours. Why? Because no one person can do all the good there is in the world. There will always be so many more good left undone. Your task is to find the good you’ve been created to do and let others worry about doing theirs also. You MUST not kill yourself trying to do the good you were never created to do. When the world begins to ask you to, there and then, is your moment of PEACE for it shows you did well and now they want you somewhere else wish you can never be!

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LOVE – the greatest risk of all

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you can see my heart

In a very simple term, love is giving someone else your heart totally unprotected AND hoping they will do something nice with it other than smashing it! Nothing more to it really. Sometimes we just want to make it into something big in order to justify our fear of it. The key word in love is the word belief. Looking over my definition you will clearly see the word ‘hoping’ which comes after the conjunction ‘and’ at the beginning of the phrase “they will do something nice with it other than smashing it!” Love really is nothing other than believing the best will come out of something you literally have no control over; the mind of another human being. Because of our incapacity to control the mind of another human being, love is but a risk. Perhaps the greatest risk of all. Why?

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The power of ONE!

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You’re all that matters, chaos may be all around you, frustration may be eating deep into everyone around you. Can you see something else despite all that is obvious? It all begins with you. You’re all you need to change your reality. One person is enough to change the world so long as that person begins with he or herself.

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