PRAYER: The Kind God Never Hesitates To Answer!

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‘Pray as if it all depends on God and work as if it all depends on you!’ – CS Lewis

Prayer is a universal principle that is highly misunderstood. As much as it is talked about, it is often wrongly applied by many. So, in this edition of Quality Life Nuggets, permit me to share some insights about prayer. But before I proceed, I think a little clarification will suffice.

For the record, I’m not a pastor. I only received the inspiration and started writing this piece in a bus while reading a business book by Jim Colins; ‘How the Mighty fall’. It wasn’t my idea, I guess, I’m just being used here. So pardon me if this comes as a surprise to you. As I’ve always believed, we are all instruments in the hands of the almighty; our job is not to ask why (question that which is being done through us), our job is to comply (obey and submit to the process).

The MESSAGE is greater and far more important than the MESSENGER!


The purpose of prayer is not to summon God to come work FOR you, but to attract God to come work WITH you. The fact that God CAN do everything FOR you doesn’t mean He WILL do everything for you no matter how much and how hard you pray. You can pray all you want, but that won’t move God to come work FOR you, it will only move Him to come work WITH you. Meaning; you will attract God when you begin to do the work the kind of desire you want requires. Here’s what I mean.

Prayer is the source of spiritual strength for physical work. It is not a substitute for work. Prayer is the invisible power that energizes us to do the necessary work required for our expectations to become a reality. After praying, you must go to work. Prayer is not an alternative to work nor is it an antidote for work. Prayer is the source of energy needed for work. After prayer comes work. Prayer gets us prepared for work. It doesn’t replace work; rather it inspires work and gives direction to our work. We don’t pray not to work; we pray to receive strength for work. Prayer is the guarantee that our work will yield the desired results.

There’s a verse in the Bible that best captures the essence of prayer and it’s this; “Faith without works is dead.” In case you didn’t know, here’s the mathematical version of that bible verse;

Faith – Work = No result!

The lesson here is to understand that faith alone isn’t enough to bring about the results you want when you pray; your prayer must go hand-in-hand with work. Because our faith in God is expressed through prayer, many people simply pray and think that’s enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that faith isn’t important, no. The point I’m trying to make is this; no matter how much you pray and how big your faith is, it’s never going to move God to work UNTIL you move to work.

In fact, the bigger your faith is, the greater your work will be. That is; more faith equals more work and not the other way round. This straight forward verse in the bible has clearly stated the standard on which God expects us to apply our faith in Him, but yet a lot of people still find it difficult to follow. Why? Perhaps because they feel it’s only God’s responsibility to bring to pass whatever it is they want. I wish it were like this, how sweet would life have been? Very, very sweet, right? NO! Very boring!

Imagine having to do everything for your children. Like going to school for them, eating for them, thinking for them, making friends for them, playing for them, sleeping for them, choosing for them, etc. What do you think would become of them? Yes, I’ll say it; they will become garbage. Totally useless. The very essence of bringing them to life itself would have been abused. If you could do everything for them, then why did you make them? For the fun of it? Certainly not!

Likewise, God is not responsible FOR us; He’s only responsible TO us. He’s not interested in living your life FOR you, that’s your job. He wants to live it WITH you. Meaning; He will only answer and come work WITH us when we call (pray) to ask for guidance, support or assistance in living our lives. Just like a child would ask His/her parents to help with their homework.

God won’t show up TO work unless you are set FOR work. Being set for work means your job is to consistently strive to meet your own part of the bargain, as CS Lewis rightly said; by ‘Praying as if it all depends on God and working as if it all depends on you!’ He’s not going to go the whole nine yards FOR you, but He has promised to go the whole nine yards WITH you. No wonder there are 365 “FEAR NOTS” in the bible; one for every single day of your life. Every day He says to you; “Fear Not for I am WITH you”.

How can you be certain that He’ll always be there WITH you? He will, Because He is the one who sent you. Knowing that He’s always there WITH you; that consciousness of HIS presence, is the whole essence of faith. So, stop using your faith to pray away work, instead, start using your faith to pray for more grace (guidance, support, inspiration, ideas, strength, favour, etc) to do more work!



  1. Hi, I just learnt to build my website at a 5-day intensive internet bootcamp on the last week of March this year.
    After which, we have this 21-day challenge from our trainer and each day we will have homework to do.
    Today, we are required to visit to find an article written by an author, copy n’ paste the article and then write our candid comments that agree or disagree with the article.
    I got interested in your subject matter: Prayer – the kind God never hesitates to answer.
    What you have written is quite theoretical and impersonal, I feel. I’ll be very candid and have to ask you two questions. Are you a born-again Christian? Do your have a personal relationship with God? If you have, you will experience the Holy Spirit residing within you who is your Teacher, Guide, Comforter and many others to meet your needs. This is a promise you will find recorded in the Holy Bible that when Jesus went back to heaven, He would send the Holy Spirit to dwell among us.
    I hope you know about the Holy Trinity ie. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
    It is great excitement and an adventure walking with Jesus. It has nothing to do with works at all. When you know Him more, you will understand that when we work, He stops and let you toil. I do not mean that we need not work. We work to enter into the rest.
    When you allow Him to take over as your Senior Partner, you will know that He provides you with all the ideas, creativity and answers. Sometimes we don’t hear Him. You said God never hesitates to answer your prayer is inaccurate. God has His reasons and perfect timing to answer and say “No” to certain requests we make.
    I learn to hear the witness of the Holy Spirit. It is so exciting and creative and when we tap into Him, He gives us the wisdom to understand well. May I invite you to visit my website. I have posted a few of my personal testimonies. Sorry, one most creative one being my request for His one word and the LORD gave me an amazingly interesting one word that reveals Jesus. The fantastic thing is while He allowed me to not work but sat in front of the TV to enjoy a Korean drama and revealed that one word in the Chinese subtitles. He even gave me an expansion from the word after a few days when I was sitting and looking at my wall deco. No work involved!
    No prejudice, please, Mr Tito Philips, Jr.
    I just wish to bring out the living Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever. We have to experience Him ourselves and cannot depend on the writing of others. His Word is living Word and we pray and ask for revelation and truth to be given. We let the Bible interpret the Bible.
    Just as when we love someone, we need to fellowship and communicate with the other party to know the person more. It is the same when we know God loves us first and we learn to love Him better that we want to know Him more. I pray that you open your heart door to invite Jesus in to fellowship with you. I tell you, you’ll be in for exciting time.
    Thank you for not taking offense.
    I wish you JESUS,
    grace from Singapore

    • Hello Grace,
      It’s quite an honour to have you drop by here and to think that my site is where you were led to is equally humbling. I am sure it happened for a reason.

      I am a born again christian and I owe how far I am in life to God and the support of the Holy Spirit. I have never attributed my success to my efforts only, because I realize the impact of the God factor. I only consider myself an instrument for His greater use.

      The example you gave is the classical way the Holy Spirit works. If you read carefully what I wrote you will notice how I mentioned that the INSPIRATION to write the post came when I was reading a business book, which wasn’t even talking about prayer or anything of that nature.

      Like your case, the one word came from God and so also was the inspiration that led to the deeper meaning you had about it.

      No one can question that God is the SOURCE of all our INSPIRATIONS or IDEAS. Even the most committed atheist knows this.

      However, the basis of this post is not about the source of our ideas or inspiration but about ACTION.

      You can have the inspiration just as you have, but will God take the necessary steps of turning the inspiration or idea into something use-able or tangible for you?

      The ACTION is ours and that is what I meant by WORK the IDEA or INSPIRATION is God’s and that is the spiritual element of our human experience.

      God works through our spirit, because He is a Spirit. We humans must work physically, because we have a body.

      We should not expect God to do our physical work when He has done His part of providing us with Spiritual guidance.

      That’s what this post was about. And I believe that was what the bible meant by Faith [spiritual/inspiration] without work [physical/action] is dead [no result].

      I will really love to hear from you about this.

      Thanks for breaking the silence on this site since it’s still in the pre-launch phase :) I am really pleased to meet you Grace!