The power of ONE!

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There’s no job, we know.
There’s no money, we know.
There’s economic recession, we know.
There’s no government, we know.
There’s nobody to help, we know.
But there’s YOU! Do you know this?

Every morning you wake up and look into the mirror, who do you see? The employers of labour? Money? The Government? Your parents? Your pastors? You only see YOURSELF! What are you doing WITH yourself, FOR yourself, IN yourself, ON yourself, TO yourself and BY yourself? And that is all you really need to make things happen. There’s no power in the whole world strong enough to stop YOU once you decide what to make of your life!

You’re all that matters, chaos may be all around you, frustration may be eating deep into everyone around you. Can you see something else despite all that is obvious? It all begins with you. You’re all you need to change your reality. One person is enough to change the world so long as that person begins with he or herself.

This is the power of ONE – the person in the mirror!

Go make something happen, begin with YOU!