Why Being Good is NO Longer Good Enough!

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Would you consider yourself a lazy person?

Laziness means resisting change, no more, no less. All human attempts directed at keeping things exactly the way they are is simply known as LAZINESS.

Let me break it down further; laziness is any action you take to ensure that “good things” remain as they are and that “bad things” change to good while you remain as you are. The underlying truth is to see laziness as all thoughts, actions or desire to maintain the status quo, whatever that might be at any given time.

The status quo may be a thing, for example; a habit, a situation, an event, a belief, an idea or mindset. The status quo could also be a living thing, in this case an individual or a group. Whatever the case is, either a ‘thing’ or a ‘living thing’, laziness applies to them both.

How do I mean?

We are all pleasure seeking beings right from our birth, we shun pain and embrace pleasure all the time. This natural tendency to stick with one side of the coin at all cost even though it’s at our detriment is what being lazy means. We so easily want all the good things of life wishing that they never end. I’m not saying that’s evil or bad, of course not! I also want all the good things of life to keep coming and never stopping.


However, ‘good’ often times than we would like to agree with, is the root of all laziness. Everyone seems to be satisfied with ‘good’ that we’ve suddenly forgotten that there’s still more to be beyond ‘good’; there’s still more to have beyond ‘good’; there is still more to do beyond ‘good’. We have all settled for the ‘good‘ even though we have the capacity to do much more than good!

You are probably asking yourself this question now, “Is ‘being good’, ‘having good’ or ‘doing good’ now a wrong or bad idea?” Well, you are half right! While being good, having good things or doing good things is not necessarily a bad idea, it’s the lazy idea. The fact that something is not bad does not mean it’s the best. We are not only to seek the good and stick with it once we have it, NO! That’s the lazy man’s philosophy.

All those who seek only the ‘good’ are lazy. Why? Because after ‘good’ comes ‘better’ and after ‘better’ comes ‘best’ and after ‘best’ comes ‘great’. ‘Good’ is just the first level out of four levels of success in life. Settling for the ‘good’ and being satisfied with being good, having good and doing good is not the end of success, it’s only the beginning!

Laziness Redefined

The lazy ones are those who get to this first level of success and are satisfied. All they ever do afterwards is to play it safe. They become defensive by building a security system that ensures things don’t get better or worse than it is already. They focus on security, safety rather than freedom. They fight to maintain that level of success rather than preparing for the next. They keep their cups full rather than emptying it and making room for more. They lock, shield and restrict themselves from all sources of change. They become contented with mediocrity; trying to live a static life in a dynamic (changing) world. There is only one way they can go –down!

There can never be a static or stationary spot in life. The only constant in life is change. Once you become safety or security conscious and tend to resist change rather than flowing with it, then you’ve chosen to be in direct conflict with the very laws that govern the universe and the consequence is destruction. The bitter truth is this; you can’t stay in a spot for life. Life is a journey with no destination or end besides death. So long as there is still breath in you, no level of success should be enough for you. Always, and always aim for more. Why? Because the object of life itself is not contentment (being satisfied with the status quo) but advancement (reaching out for more). Life is a progression and not a station. Being good is not good enough. The ‘good’ you think is ‘good’ enough will someday become inadequate as a result of the changes that are constantly occurring around us.

Reach out for MORE today!